Are you ready for your dream remodel?

This page is a resource for you to learn about the different stages of the process and helpful tips on how to avoid costly mistakes. We want to help you throughout your journey. We understand the remodeling process can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if this is you are just beginning to think about upgrading your home. Please choose the button that best describes where you are in the process.

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Aspen Associates, LLC is a design and build firm that thrives in challenging, high-budget projects and traditional remodels. We are a turn-key, concierge experience designed to keep projects running on schedule and on budget. Our goal is realizing your vision in every step of the design and build process.


Are you ready for a:

  • Dream Remodel?

  • New Kitchen?

  • New Bedroom?

  • New Addition?

  • Custom Project?

  • Pool?

  • Entertainment Room?


Let me guess, your first step is to Google local remodeling companies, then read reviews to see if the company is reputable and then call and start getting estimates.  It can be a hassle to figure out all that you need: a contractor, architect, plumber, electrician… not to mention all the permits.

Ultimately, you will probably find a qualified company and begin the process.  If you have ever remodeled before, you know that your dream and budget never align and you will have to begin making concessions.  We understand it’s frustrating and not a great experience. 

Eventually your remodel is finished and you are pleased, but of course, it took longer than expected, you went over budget, made concessions and it’s not exactly what you wanted.

What if there’s a way you can have your dream within your budget? Have you heard of a design-build firm? A design-build firm helps you achieve your dream and keeps you on budget and on time, every time

Here at Aspen associates we have designed and built hundreds of projects. Everything from the extraordinary to the traditional.  Our design-build firm will bring our expertise directly to you and your home.

Advantages Of Using A Design Build Firm
Realistic, accurate budgets from the beginning

You will know upfront how much it costs for each item on your wishlist.

All project costs are known during the design phase and before construction begins

Our process ensures you know the costs before work begins, not after.

One single point of contact managing the entire project

Aspen's Michael Dommenge takes care of everything for you.

The design won't ever exceed the budget

How many times have you heard of an architect delivering drawings that are well above someone's budget? We address your budget well before it goes to the architect.

We take care of everything

You won't have to find all the contractors, architects, electrician or file the permits.

You can choose to continue or stop at any time

The Aspen Difference! We have a proprietary, five-stage process that provides you with the choice to proceed or exit the project at will.

ARE YOU searching for REMODELING costS, styles, OR options?


You’ve watched HGTV, combed Pinterest for weeks and finally decided it’s time to pull the trigger on your dream remodel. So, what’s the next step? 

  • How do you even get started?
  • How much will this cost?
  • Will it be completed on time?
  • Do you need an architect?
  • What permits do you need? Do you need permits?
  • You have a small project, are there different requirements?
  • How do you avoid the horror stories you’ve heard about these types of projects? 

The first thing to understand is that remodeling projects are complex; there’s no way around all the moving parts. However, there are many solutions that will make your life easier. 

We want to introduce you to our proprietary, five-step process. Please watch our video, which explains our approach and how it could help you complete your dream remodel on time and on budget. We manage your vision from inception through completion.  

Learn about our 5-step process and see how it ensures your project is worry-free, on budget and on time. This process is completely risk-free, if you choose to stop the project at any step, that’s okay! 

You are ready to REMODEL & looking for the right company


Nowadays everyone is a “contractor” and construction companies are one-stop shops. You may be wondering:

  • How do you choose the right company?
  • How do you trust the company you choose will get the project done on time and on budget? 
  • How much will it really cost?
  • Finally, you don’t have the time or desire to manage a complex project. 

Have you considered hiring an expert who has the knowledge and experience to find the right people for the job? Sure, a builder may say they’re one-stop-shop, but what if they don’t have the right expertise in-house? For example, they could have an architect on staff, but do they specialize in landscaping or kitchens? It matters and it could impact your project considerably.

You have the remodeling vision, and you have the resources, all you need is one person who can get the job done. When you hire Aspen and Michael Dommenge, you can go about your business and he will take care of everything. Our five-step process [SEE VIDEO] is highly efficient, saving time and providing a worry-free experience.  We guarantee you will get what you want, pay a fair price and your project will be completed on schedule. We are a firm you can trust for your next project and every project after that. 

With Aspen, you will have a custom online portal providing every detail at your fingertips. Watch and see how Aspen Central makes your project go smoothly.