Mahogany Library

This magnificent old world parlor was inspired by antique German heirlooms given to my client by his beloved Grandparents. Sitting in storage in Germany for many years the pieces were painstakingly restored over one year to their original condition. Once available in the US for photographing and measuring the room design around the individual pieces began.

Phase one of the project was to add an 80 square foot two story window wall addition to the front of the mansion thus expanding the rooms footprint. Marble was specially quarried and fabricated to match the existing exterior stonework. This addition was necessary to create a desk alcove worthy of his Grandfathers prized desk.

Phase two encompassed the reconditioning of two existing focal points in the room that the client wanted to retain, which were the fireplace mantle and wet bar. Both pieces were red oak, finished in high gloss black lacquer. These areas set the final finish selections of black lacquer trim, satin finished mahogany paneled walls, satin finished cherry floors and 24 ct gold accents. As a surprise to the client I sourced an old world wood carver in Bondville, VT to replicate the carvings from the furniture onto panels that I added to the mantle and bar.

As my client explained it he wanted a man’s sanctuary, so when the time came he could properly interview his Daughters suitors.