Acting strictly in accordance with the client’s vision, Aspen ensures
that every aspect of the projects design, specifications, schedule and budget will be executed as documented and agreed upon.

A Brief List of Aspen Services Include:

  • Determining the project’s feasibility, physically and legally
  • Researching all governing authorities regarding compliance with local zoning, historical limitations, and environmental regulations, to preempt and eliminate costly interruptions pre-construction.
  • Acquiring real estate as needed
  • Managing legal services, architecture, design and engineering, on-site construction, vendor relations, purchasing and interior design
  • Specifying, direct procurement and custom fabrication of all materials nationally and internationally needed for the project
  • Provide 24/7 web based client project status
  • Estate property management services for Aspen design build clients

Large Scale Owner’s Representative and Construction Management

Aspen Associates, LLC was founded in 2000 to provide design & build construction management services to visionary clients, with complex residential and commercial construction projects.

Aspen has been recognized from its inception for making the impossible possible, by paying close attention to its clients and their projects’ smallest details. Michael Dommenge champions his clients’ interests by using his expertise to oversee every project Aspen completes.

Aspen’s reputation is built on delivering as promised, providing transparent accounting, and taking responsibility for getting the job done right, while minimizing liability for the client.