Aspen Associates’ exclusive, one-on-one service was developed for a reason: Clients of the highest caliber require more than what’s provided by the standard design and build model.


Aspen Associates Manages Design and Construction Under a Single Contract.

This avoids the pitfalls of traditional building, where any problem delays the work until the architect and builder can come up with new plans that the client must approve. But for the extraordinary client, whose large project poses uniquely complex challenges, only personal attention to every detail will ensure successful completion.

Accordingly, acting as a direct extension of the client’s will and vision, Mr. Dommenge takes design and build to another level. He performs all tasks necessary to transform a glorious dream into an equally glorious reality–with the least possible intrusion into the client’s valuable time. The client need deal with only one very competent person, whose skills have been honed by over 35 years as a high-level contractor and entrepreneur, accomplishing the seemingly impossible for global companies and the most discerning individuals.

As a further departure from standard design and build, Mr. Dommenge keeps the burden off the client throughout the project. With the client’s carte blanche, he keeps the work flowing smoothly by making all necessary decisions and job-site changes on behalf of the client. He also assumes any liability associated with his decisions.

Unique among owners of design and build firms, he personally oversees all design and build functions, as well as those of all required providers of professional services. He remains present on the job site daily to ensure the quality of workmanship and to safeguard the client’s interest.

In addition, at Aspen Associates, all fees are agreed upon in advance and locked in, so there are no surprises. All accounting is transparent, with Aspen’s books always open to the client.