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Welcome to Oakland, NJ High End Residential Construction Contractor Management Services – Aspen Associates, LLC

If you are looking for a local high end construction contractor in the Oakland, NJ area, look no further. Aspen Associates, LLC provides residential construction management services to clients in the Oakland, NJ area.

Aspen ensures that every aspect of your construction project is handled correctly and in a timely fashion.

We offer services that include:

Determining the project’s feasibility, physically and legally in the Oakland, NJ area

Acquiring real estate in the Oakland, NJ area

Managing legal services, architecture and design, engineering and construction and interior design in the Oakland, NJ area

Procuring all materials needed for the construction project in Oakland, NJ

Directing, supervising and auditing the project, including daily on-site supervision

Negotiating labor contracts and pricing in Oakland, NJ

Sanctifying all governing authorities regarding compliance with safety, zoning, historical, and environmental regulations in Oakland, NJ to eliminate interruptions and keep the work running smoothly.

Large Scale Owner’s Representative and Construction Management Services in Oakland, NJ

Aspen Associates, LLC was founded in 2006 to service high-end clients with complex residential and commercial construction projects in the Oakland, NJ area.

Aspen has been recognized from its inception for making the impossible possible, by paying close attention to its clients and their projects’ smallest details. Michael Dommenge champions his client’s interest by using his expertise to oversee every construction, renovation and real estate project Aspen completes in Oakland, NJ.

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