4 Experts on “Extending the Season”



Founder, Aspen Associates

The Indoor Pool

“An indoor pool extends the season to twelve months,” Dommenge explains. He tells us that some of the major considerations when building an indoor pool are the problems that arise due to humidity, air quality and filtration. But, unless you’re looking at it, when you stand in a room with a pool in it that’s done right, you shouldn’t even be able to tell that it’s there. That means no smell and no humidity. Dommenge recounts a recent indoor pool project, “We used an ozone filtration system and ultraviolet (UV) filtration to eliminate the need for any chemicals being added to the water. This reduces/eliminates the chemical odors typical in most indoor pools.”

Radiant Heat, Terraces, Decks, and Fountains

Aspen Associates has also designed and built outdoor terraces with radiant heat that melts snow, the runoff water disappearing through invisible porous surfaces and drained away unseen. Heated fountains are another favorite luxury season extender, allowing decorative and recreational use well into the fall. Finally, decorative propane heaters are yet another useful idea.

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